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EYP, Inc. isn’t just any architecture/engineering firm—they’re one of the top sustainable design firms in the United States. Their portfolio is brimming with examples of how they’ve helped clients with climate-friendly construction and sharp energy analysis.

A landing page on, shown on a phone
The footer from the redesigned, shown on a phone

Karen McGrane of Bond Art + Science assembled and led a high-powered team to tackle this redesign: Elise Weeks of Pixels & Pulp produced the initial visual concepts; Webmeadow’s Aaron Parkening and Eileen Webb structured both the project and its content; Jeff Eaton of Lullabot provided the content management integration, making our work sing.

I worked alongside these fine folks, producing a responsive prototype that was fast and flexible, and built from reusable design patterns—patterns that’d allow the EYP team to maintain, extend, and change the design in the years to come. And for a client like EYP, a sustainable responsive design just felt right.

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