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EYP, Inc. isn’t just any architecture/engineering firm — they’re one of the top sustainable design firms in the United States. Their portfolio is brimming with examples of how they’ve helped clients with climate-friendly construction and sharp energy analysis.

A landing page on, shown on a phone
The footer from the redesigned, shown on a phone

Karen McGrane of Bond Art + Science assembled and led a high-powered team to tackle this redesign: Elise Weeks of Pixels & Pulp produced the initial visual concepts; Webmeadow’s Aaron Parkening and Eileen Webb structured both the project and its content; Jeff Eaton of Lullabot provided the content management integration, making our work sing.

I worked alongside these fine folks, producing a responsive prototype that was fast and flexible, and built from reusable design patterns — patterns that’d allow the EYP team to maintain, extend, and change the design in the years to come. And for a client like EYP, a sustainable responsive design just felt right.

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