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Source is a project “designed to amplify the impact of journalism code.” In other words, the Source team strives to make the code behind good journalism more visible, whether that code creates a digital narrative exploring Mars, rescues data from hostile governments, or powers a World Series simulator.

Screenshots of an article on the new Source website, as shown on three different mobile phones

In other words, Source promotes not just the code, but the community behind it. And that mission manifests itself in a number of ways, from hosting a list of code-adjacent journalism jobs, to its extensive catalogue of articles and guides.

The Source team asked me to join them for a month-long design sprint. Early on, we adopted a prototype-focused design process — we were moving quickly, so the design had to keep up with us. Throughout that month, I worked closely alongside leads Ryan Pitts and Erin Kissane, iterating quickly on design concepts to finalize a design that better reflected Source’s community.

An article from the redesigned Source, as it appears on tablet and on a phone

The result of that design sprint? A refreshed look for Source, one that better highlights the code — and the people — behind the news we read.

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