Cough syrup, a surfeit of Kleenex, and a general sense of personal sickitude keep me from writing much more at the moment, but I am thrilled — nay, frickin’ ecstatic to announce that I’ve an article on fluid grids in the latest issue of A List Apart. As ever, it’s a rare, humbling joy to work with ALA and its incredible editorial team, who turned my nonsensical ravings into an article that is, I think, a joy to read.

It’s also something of a relief to have finally gotten this down on paper, as it were. Since settling on the technique over a year ago during the W3C redesign, various drafts have been floating around on not a few hard drives. After thinking about it for so long, it feels great to have fluid grids finally, you know, “out there,” where it can be poked, prodded, and improved. So when you’ve a moment, please do go read the article, and take me to task in its comments. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go pop a few dozen Dayquil. A good day to you.