Inspired by Jonnie Hallman, Simon and Robin both added “Reply via email” links to their RSS feeds. I think this is a really clever idea, so I’ve just added reply links to my RSS feed. If you have some thoughts or feedback on a post, use that reply link to share them with me.

My contact page is still workin’ fine, mind you—this is just something extra I’m trying out for now. If it’s not useful to folks, or if it gets to be too much to manage, I might remove the links. And as Robin said, I can’t promise a reply to every single message, but you can bet I’ll read each one.

As an aside, this is what I love best about blogging: someone writing down an idea they had, then a few others experimenting with it, and finding that idea a wider audience. It always feels so damned nice to watch that conversation happen, post by post, person by person.