Responsive design’s been around for a few years, but I still hear a lot of questions in my line of work. “How many breakpoints does my responsive layout need?” “It feels like there are more devices and screens than ever before; how can my design process keep up?” “What exactly is the deal with CSS Grid?”

Well, hey: I launched a Skillshare class! And it should help answer some of these questions.

My new class is called “Responsive Web Design: Creating Flexible Websites That Last”, and I made it just for you. Over this hour-long class, we’ll look at the techniques for transforming a website mockup into a flexible, truly responsive layout, using CSS Grid and a little elbow grease. But we’ll also talk a more broadly about the process behind creating layouts for the modern web, and discuss things every device-agnostic designer should know.

And hey, you’ll get two months free if you sign up. And also hey, if you sign up you’ll be able to take classes from the likes of Jessica Hische, Aaron Draplin, and Jason Santa Maria.

If you’re new to responsive design, or if you’re feeling like your responsive design process could use a little bit of a refresh, I think you’ll find plenty to like about this hour-long class. So sign up for the class today, and let’s make a responsive design together — you and me.