With the books freshly closed on 2018, I find I’m looking back a bit. For me, last year was…well, it was a year. A lot of good things, absolutely, but there was a ton of transition, and more than a little difficulty.

So I’ll start with this, because I think it’s the best place to start: writing on this website continues to be one of my favorite things. And this year, I managed to do even more of it. I wrote twenty-six posts in 2017; last year, I managed to pass that threshold in early August. I’m proud that I finished out 2018 with forty-three posts, totalling some 25,000 words. The numbers aren’t really important, other than as an indicator I’m making time to write. And that’s something I hope I can keep doing in the new year. (And, like, always.)

Here are some things I wrote about:

That’s it for now, I think. Because, hey, we made it, you and I. And I know I said it last year, but it still applies: you’re still here, and I’m glad for it. And I’m glad to be here with you.

And this still applies, too: thanks for reading, friend.

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