A little over three years ago, Karen suggested we start a podcast. Today, we published our last episode of the Responsive Web Design Podcast.

Frankly, it’s been a hell of a trip: we’ve recorded nearly 160 episodes, interviewing organizations big and small, as well as individuals we respect and admire. We spoke with The BBC News, and with Sara Soueidan; with Mina Markham, and with Merriam-Webster; we learned about the United States Web Design Standards, and we chewed the fat with Frank Chimero. Karen and I would often joke that we loved each episode equally, and it’s true: we covered episodes ranging from media and publishing, to travel, to government, and more. I’m proud of what we did, and humbled by each of our guests — after all, they made it possible.

But we’re not done yet! No, we’re ending this podcast because we’re working on a new one. Here’s how Karen put it in our last episode:

So, my hypothesis is that these are really valuable conversations, but that in many ways the focus on responsive web design sometimes obscures or… We could broaden the scope of this [new show] a little bit, still talk about the things that we care about a lot, but make it perhaps also more relevant to other, bigger questions.

We started this podcast to learn from the people who make responsive redesigns happen. As more and more redesigns are, well, defaulting to responsive, I think Karen’s right: there’s a lot more we can learn by focusing less on the responsive part, and more on the redesign. (And we plan to do it in a much more visually compelling way, too.) So stay tuned! We’ll keep you posted on our progress.

In our last episode, Karen thanked a number of folks who actually made the podcast happen: our audio editor, Aaron Schroeder; Seth Lavelle, who transcribed each episode; and Selina Andersson, who was the backbone of the podcast, scheduling each episode, and pulling assets and files together each week. Without them, the show wouldn’t have gotten as far as it did.

But I’d also like to thank Karen McGrane, who had the original idea for the podcast in the first place. I’ll admit that I was initially skeptical — “I don’t listen to podcasts, so obviously nobody else does,” I said to myself, not-so-brightly — but it turned into one of the finest, most entertaining side projects I’ve ever been part of. Whether we’re collaborating on podcasts, design workshops, or client projects, I’ve always found that working with Karen is a real delight; I’m thrilled we’ve got another podcast on the horizon.

So! Thanks so, so much for checking out our podcast. I think you’ll like the new one.