As of today, You Deserve a Tech Union has been out for three weeks. Three whole weeks, and each of them has been a blur — and if I’m honest, they’ve been overwhelming blurs. People have shared pictures of the book when their copies arrive; they’ve shared highlights they enjoyed on social media; heck, folks are posting their thoughts about the book on LinkedIn, which I am delighted and surprised by.

I’m also incredibly touched by the people who took the time to honest-to-merholz blog about the book. Here are a few recent favorites:

There is a widely held notion that tech workers are somehow different than workers in other industries. There’s the idea that the tech industry is made up of individual stars and success comes from an individual’s merit. This book throws all of that out the window.

You Deserve a Tech Union is a very well-researched, clearly expressed, eminently practical, and undeniably powerful call to harness the collective power of digital technology workers to protect not only themselves but the world and its future.

Highly recommended.

When Ethan writes “The machine comes for me, and for thee” it’s telling tech workers that we can either chase individual survival, or we can act in solidarity in search of mutual flourishing. I’m so glad that this book exists.

I said it before, but I meant it: I can’t believe the book is out there in the world. If it’s finding an audience, it’s because of folks like you — people who wrote about it, who shared photos online, who mentioned it to a friend or coworker. If any of that sounds like you, well:

Thank you. Truly, thank you. I’m so glad you liked the book; I hope it’s helpful to you.